Excitement Builds for Regional Meeting

Team Rubicon Marketing Group will be heading to our regional meeting October 11-12. This is an event we always look forward to, as top performers from all across the region converge to share tips and discuss best practices. We’re sure to come back to the home office with new insights and inspiration. Jarun Cifor, our firm’s Owner, stated that the meeting is the ideal way to help us close out 2019 on a positive note.

We’re also excited to add new names to our Rubicon Marketing Group contact lists during the meeting. In the lead-up to this gathering, we’ll be doing some research on the people and companies that will be in attendance. We like to prepare ourselves so that our elevator pitches are as effective as possible. If we can find some common ground before we even arrive at the meeting, we’ll have more productive discussions.

Of course, we also grow a little closer to our colleagues every time we venture away from home together. It’s fun to see different sides of each other as we explore new places and talk shop with other successful pros. We get an extra jolt of motivation from spending time together in laid-back settings. As a result, our collaboration on the job takes a step forward. It’s rewarding all the way around.

The regional meeting will be a springboard to a big Q4 for Rubicon Marketing Group. Follow us on Instagram for updates from this event and all our major team goals.

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