The Power of Mentorship Shines Through on Our Team

Our Rubicon Marketing Group training program is designed to show any ambitious, teachable person how to thrive in our industry. We rely on several different strategies to do this, including workshops and even travel to weekend conferences. The most important way we encourage our team members to succeed though is through mentorship.

All’s well that begins well in our Rubicon Marketing Group opinion, so from day one new hires are paired with skilled team members who will guide them along those first crucial steps of their career journeys with us. By immersing novice change agents into a mentor/mentee relationship right away we also emphasize one of the values most vital to our success – teamwork. We’re at our best when we’re working together, so when someone joins our crew, we make sure they never feel like they’re on their own.

Another benefit of our mentorship program is that it gives our veterans a chance to sharpen their skills. There’s no better way to solidify knowledge than to share it with others, which makes being a mentor beneficial to those chosen for the role. This, plus the chance to bask in the glow of enthusiasm that new people always bring with them, makes coaching as important for us as it is for our new team members.

Our mentors play a crucial role in helping our people and our firm succeed. Check out our Rubicon Marketing Group Instagram feed to find out how to join our team and get the coaching you need.

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